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This page offers the list of papers I have written and am working on.
For the papers written in Japanese, see research page in Japanese.

Published works

  • Yamazaki, Masato., and Takeda, Shiro (2016). “A Computable General Equilibrium Assessment of Japan’s Nuclear Energy Policy and Implications for Renewable Energy.” Environmental Economics and Policy Studies.
  • Yamazaki, Masato and Takeda, Shiro (2013). "An assessment of nuclear power shutdown in Japan using the computable general equilibrium model." Journal of Integrated Disaster Risk Management, 3(1), 36–55.
  • Takeda, Shiro, Arimura, Toshi H., Tamechika, Hanae, Fischer, Carolyn, & Fox, Alan K. (2013). “Output-based allocation of emissions permits for mitigating the leakage and competitiveness issues for the Japanese economy.” Environmental Economics and Policy Studies, 16(1), 89–110.
  • Takeda, S., Tetsuya, H., & Arimura, T. H. (2012). A Computable General Equilibrium Analysis of Border Adjustments Under the Cap-and-Trade System: A Case Study of the Japanese Economy. Climate Change Economics, 03(01),, [Program].
  • Shiro Takeda (2010) "A computable general equilibrium analysis of the welfare effects of trade liberalization under different market structures", International Review of Applied Economics, Vol.24, pp.75-93, 2010,, [Supplement & Program]
  • Shiro Takeda (2007) "The double dividend from carbon regulations in Japan", Journal of the Japanese and International Economies, Volume 21, Issue 3, September 2007, Pages 336-364,, [Supplement & Program].
  • Shiro Takeda, (2007), "Economic Growth and Carbon Emissions with Endogenous Carbon Taxes", Research Bulletin of Economics, Kanto Gakuen University, Vol.31, No.1. [Supplement & Program]
  • Shiro Takeda (2005) "The Effect of Differentiated Emission Taxes: Does an Emission Tax Favor Industry?", Economics Bulletin, Vol.17, No.3, pp.1-10.
  • Shiro Takeda (2001) "International Income Transfers under Technological Uncertainty", Hitotsubashi Journal of Economics, Vol.42, Issue 2, pp.141-155.

Works in progress

See SSRN for other papers.