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econ.bst: BibTeX style file for economics

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BibTeX style file for economics.

Release information of econ.bst is posted at


[Note] If you are a Japanese TeX user, see this page.

Main features of econ.bst.

  • Bibliography (reference) style for economics.
  • The author-year citation style when combined with natbib.sty.
  • Highly customizable. The key feature of econ.bst.

Requisites and notes

  • econ.bst requires natbib.sty.


You can download econ.bst from

How to use econ.bst

Please see econ-example.pdf file on


econ.bst defines functions which have names like You can easily customize bibliography style by changing contents of these functions. For the details, see the first part of econ.bst.

Exmaples of customization:

All bst files above are basically the same as econ.bst except that contents of functions are changed. These bst files are included in the zip file.


Please see file for changelog.

Older versions