GAMS mode (ver.4.1)

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GAMS mode for Emacs version 4.1 is released.

4.1: 2012-10-13

  • Fixed minor bugs.
  • Changed the explanation in BUGS_PROBLEMS.txt and README.txt. Until the
    previous version, I recommended to add the following setting to Emacs.

      (setq jit-lock-chunk-size 50000)

    This is for making coloring in GAMS mode work well. But now I recommend
    the following setting:

      (setq font-lock-support-mode '((gams-mode . nil) (t . jit-lock-mode)))

    This means that font-lock-support-mode is not used in GAMS mode. By
    this setting, Emacs is likely to slow down when you open GAMS files, but
    you will encounter less troubles in coloring of GAMS mode.

  • Abolished the command `gams-outline-external’ (and deleted files
    associated with this command).

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