GAMS mode (ver.5.0)

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GAMS mode for Emacs version 5.0 is released.

5.0: 2016-02-03

  • Suppose that you have a code like
    $setglobal sub_program sub_program_default.gms
    $include %sub_program%

    With this code, GAMS reads the content of sub_program_default.gms
    file. But the items in sub_program_default.gms file is not displayed
    when you evoke `gams-show-identifier-list’ (C-cC-a) because GAMS mode
    regards %sub_program% as a filename literally and cannot find it.

    In the new GAMS mode, you can list the items in sub_program_default.gms
    file by adding the following line.

    $setglobal sub_program sub_program_default.gms
    * gams-include-file: sub_program_default.gms
    $include %sub_program%

    The line “* gams-include-file: sub_program_default.gms” is a comment
    line and GAMS ignores it. But the GAMS mode interprets that

    $include sub_program_default.gms

    So the items in “sub_program_default.gms” are listed by

    The specification by “gams-include-file” is used in the sample file

  • Fixed the bug (wrong number of arguments) in
  • Removed variable `gams-multi-process’.
  • Changed the name of function `gams-view-docs’ to `gams-view-document’.
  • Changed the default value of `gams-sil-expand-file-more’ to t.

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