GAMS mode (ver.6.0)

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GAMS mode for Emacs version 6.0 is released.

In addition, now you can install GAMS mode from MELPA repository. Try M-x list-packages and select gams-mode. Note that installation from MELPA only installs gams-mode.el and does not install other files.

Moreover, you can download developing version of GAMS mode from

6.0: 2016-03-02

Note: Important changes have been added to this version of GAMS
mode. Read the explanation below carefully and change your
configurations in init.el file.

  • Changed the name of the main lisp code from “gams.el” to “gams-mode.el”.
  • The name of feature provided by gams-mode.el changed from gams to
    gams-mode. So you need to use (require ‘gams-mode) instead of (require ‘gams).
  • Changed the name of variables and functions whose prefix is “gams*” or
    “gams:”. Now all variables and functions defined in gams-mode.el have
    prefix “gams-“. As a result of this change, names of the following
    customizable variables changed.

      Old name                         New name   
      `gams:process-command-name'   -> `gams-process-command-name'
      `gams:process-command-option' -> `gams-process-command-option'

    You need to modify init.el setting.

  • Change the default value of variables `gams-statement-file’ and

      gams-statement-file -> "~/.emacs.d/gams-statement.txt"
      gams-template-file -> "~/.emacs.d/gams-template.txt"

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